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The Vargo Company
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  We are a third party
  Administrator for the
  following companies:














Each year, we must be provided updated census information with respect to your company. This data is needed in order for us to complete the required compliance testing and to properly prepare the government Form 5500 for your company’s retirement plan.

The Excel file containing the census and supplemental information form for your company should be downloaded and, upon completion, uploaded through our website. The links below contain step-by-step directions for downloading and uploading the file. Your username and password will be needed to access the file.

Downloading Directions

Uploading Directions

It is important that the supplemental information form be completed in addition to the census. The supplement is located in the same file as the census, but on a separate tab. It can found on the bottom of the screen when the Excel file is open.

Supplement Tab

Please review the following documents regarding Fidelity Bond coverage and deposit deadlines for deferral contributions.

Fidelity Bond Overview

Deposit Notice for 401(k) Plans

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